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Supreme Court Case List

Recent Oral Arguments

Below are listed Supreme Court cases recently up for oral argument.

Click on the Case Title for further details. Oral argument recordings, if available, may be heard or paused by clicking on the respective play or pause button next to the argument date. Oral argument transcripts may be in either PDF or text format. Link to them by clicking on the or images respectively. PDF documents for available opinions can be viewed by clicking on the image.
68 cases match your search request.
Recent Oral Arguments Before the United States Supreme Court
#Case TitleDocket No.ArguedDecidedKeywords
DISCLAIMER: We make no claims or guaranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. Please note that Official Supreme Court caselaw is found only in the print version of the United States Reports.
1FIFTH THIRD BANCORP v. DUDENHOEFFER12-7512014-04-020000-00-00
2LOUGHRIN v. UNITED STATES13-3162014-04-010000-00-00
4WOOD v. MOSS13-1152014-03-260000-00-00
5SEBELIUS v. HOBBY LOBBY STORES, INC.13-3542014-03-250000-00-00
6CONESTOGA WOOD SPECIALTIES v. SEBELIUS13-3562014-03-250000-00-00
7CLARK v. RAMEKER13-2992014-03-240000-00-00
8HALLIBURTON CO. v. ERICA P. JOHN FUND13-3172014-03-050000-00-00
9PLUMHOFF v. RICKARD12-11172014-03-040000-00-00
10HALL v. FLORIDA12-108822014-03-030000-00-00
12OCTANE FITNESS, LLC v. ICON HEALTH & FITNESS, INC.12-11842014-02-260000-00-00
13ROBERS v. UNITED STATES12-90122014-02-250000-00-00
14UTILITY AIR REGULATORY GROUP v. EPA12-11462014-02-240000-00-00
15AMERICAN CHEMISTRY COUNCIL v. EPA12-12482014-02-240000-00-00
16SOUTHEASTERN LEGAL FOUNDATION v. EPA12-12682014-02-240000-00-00
17TEXAS v. EPA12-12692014-02-240000-00-00
18CHAMBER OF COMMERCE v. EPA12-12722014-02-240000-00-00
19PAROLINE v. UNITED STATES12-85612014-01-22 0000-00-00abuse of discretion
20ABRAMSKI v. UNITED STATES12-14932014-01-22 0000-00-00Gun Control
21HARRIS v. QUINN11-6812014-01-21 0000-00-00First Amendment,Medicaid,Medicaid reimbursement rates,conditions of employment,stare decisis
22PETRELLA v. MGM, INC.12-13152014-01-21 0000-00-009 U.S.C. 1,Civil Procedure,Estoppel,Seventh Amendment,abuse of discretion,copyright,due diligence,equitable relief,patent,separation of powers,trademark
23NAVARETTE v. CALIFORNIA12-94902014-01-21 0000-00-00Fourth Amendment,privacy,probable cause
24McCULLEN v. COAKLEY12-11682014-01-15 0000-00-00First Amendment,murder
25UNITED STATES v. CASTLEMAN12-13712014-01-15 0000-00-00Armed Career Criminal Act,murder
26EXECUTIVE BENEFITS INSURANCE AGENCY v. ARKISON12-12002014-01-14 0000-00-00Arbitration,Article I,Bankruptcy,Seventh Amendment,separation of powers
27BRANDT REVOCABLE TRUST v. UNITED STATES12-11732014-01-14 0000-00-00patent,property rights,stare decisis
28UNITED STATES v. QUALITY STORES, INC.12-14082014-01-14 0000-00-00Internal Revenue Code,Medicare,Social Security Act
29NLRB v. NOEL CANNING12-12812014-01-13 0000-00-0020th Amendment,ADA,Appointments Clause,Article I,Commerce Clause,Due Process,Interstate Commerce Clause,Presentment Clause,Twentieth Amendment,separation of powers
30LAW v. SIEGEL12-51962014-01-13 0000-00-00Article I,Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Code,death penalty,medical malpractice
31WHITE v. WOODALL12-7942013-12-11 0000-00-00AEDPA,Fifth Amendment,Miranda,capital murder,death penalty,habeas,murder,self-incrimination,sentencing guidelines
32LOZANO v. ALVAREZ12-8202013-12-11 0000-00-00ICARA,due diligence,immigration
33MAYORKAS v. DE OSORIO12-9302013-12-10 0000-00-00
34EPA v. EME Homer City Generation12-11822013-12-10 0000-00-00
36AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES CORP. v. HOEPER12-3152013-12-09 2014-01-27 First Amendment,Libel,immunity from suit,probable cause,qualified immunity
37RAY HALUCH GRAVEL CO. v. CENTRAL PENSION FUND12-9922013-12-09 2014-01-15 9 U.S.C. 1,Appellate Procedure,Civil Procedure,ERISA,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Labor Management Relations Act,Seventh Amendment,attorney fees,prevailing party status
38UNITED STATES v. APEL12-10382013-12-04 0000-00-00Bureau of Land Management,First Amendment
39MOUNT HOLLY, NJ v. MT. HOLLY GARDENS CITIZENS11-15072013-12-040000-00-00
40NORTHWEST, INC. v. GINSBERG12-4622013-12-03 0000-00-00ADA,preemption
41LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL, INC. v. STATIC CONTROL COMPONENTS, INC.12-8732013-12-03 0000-00-00ADA,Article I,RICO,Sherman Act,Title VII,antitrust,patent,statutory standing,trademark
42BG Group plc v. Republic of Argentina12-1382013-12-02 0000-00-00Arbitration,Article I,Fifth Amendment,Takings Clause,due diligence,judicial review,property rights,public education,sovereign immunity
43MICHIGAN v. BAY MILLS INDIAN COMMUNITY12-5152013-12-02 0000-00-0011th Amendment,ADA,ADEA,Eleventh Amendment,immunity from suit,sovereign immunity
44FERNANDEZ v. CALIFORNIA12-78222013-11-13 0000-00-00Fourth Amendment,privacy,probable cause,property rights
45UNITE HERE LOCAL 355 v. MULHALL12-992013-11-13 2013-12-10 Article I,First Amendment,Labor Management Relations Act,NLRA,National Labor Relations Act,antitrust
46LAWSON v. FMR, LLC12-32013-11-12 0000-00-00Labor Department,OSHA,RICO,Title VII,anti-retaliation,conditions of employment,retaliation
47ROSEMOND v. UNITED STATES12-8952013-11-12 0000-00-00RICO,harmless error
48BURRAGE v. UNITED STATES12-75152013-11-12 2014-01-27 Age Discrimination in Employment Act,Civil Rights Act,Discrimination in Employment,Title VII,adverse employment action,harmless error,murder,retaliation
49GREECE, NY v. GALLOWAY12-6962013-11-06 0000-00-00Establishment Clause,First Amendment,Free Exercise
50MISSISSIPPI v. AU OPTRONICS CORP.12-10362013-11-06 2014-01-14 Civil Procedure,Consumer Protection,age discrimination,antitrust,sovereign immunity
51BOND v. UNITED STATES12-1582013-11-05 0000-00-00Bill of Rights,Commerce Clause,Fourth Amendment,Supremacy Clause,Tenth Amendment,limited and enumerated powers,murder,property rights
52SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS CO. v. JACOBS12-8152013-11-05 2013-12-10Civil Rights Act,equitable relief,judicial review,patent,preemption
53MEDTRONIC INC. v. BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP.12-11282013-11-05 0000-00-00 Article I,patent,res judicata
54SANDIFER v. UNITED STATES STEEL CORP.12-4172013-11-04 2014-01-27 FLSA,Fair Labor Standards Act,Labor Department,maximum hours
55WALDEN v. FIORE12-5742013-11-04 0000-00-00Fourth Amendment,privacy,qualified immunity,search and seizure
56KALEY v. UNITED STATES12-4642013-10-16 0000-00-00Due Process,attorney fees,judicial review,probable cause
57KANSAS v. CHEEVER12-6092013-10-16 2013-12-11Civil Procedure,Fifth Amendment,Fourth Amendment,capital murder,death penalty,jury selection,murder,self-incrimination
58DAIMLERCHRYSLER AG v. BAUMAN11-9652013-10-15 2014-01-14 Alien Tort Statute,Due Process,Fourteenth Amendment,Torture Victim Protection Act,patent
59SCHUETTE, ATT'Y GEN. OF MI v. COALITION TO DEFEND, ET AL.12-6822013-10-15 0000-00-0014th Amendment,4th Amendment,Affirmative Action,Article I,Equal Protection Clause,Fair Housing Act,Fourth Amendment,Supremacy Clause,disparate impact,racial preferences
60HEIMESHOFF v. HARTFORD LIFE INSURANCE12-7292013-10-15 2013-12-16 ERISA,Employee Retirement Income Security Act,Estoppel,Title VII,abuse of discretion,habeas,judicial review,preemption
61UNITED STATES v. WOODS12-5622013-10-09 2013-12-03judicial review
62ATLANTIC MARINE CONSTRUCTION CO. v. USDC WD TX12-9292013-10-09 2013-12-03Arbitration,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,abuse of discretion,copyright,patent,res judicata
63BURT v. TITLOW12-4142013-10-08 2013-11-05AEDPA,Sixth Amendment,Supremacy Clause,copyright,habeas,habeas corpus,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder,sentencing guidelines
64McCUTCHEON v. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION12-5362013-10-08 0000-00-00First Amendment
65CHADBOURNE & PARKE LLP v. TROICE12-792013-10-07 0000-00-00
66WILLIS OF COLORADO INC. v. TROICE12-862013-10-07 0000-00-00
67PROSKAUER ROSE LLP v. TROICE12-882013-10-07 0000-00-00
68MADIGAN v. LEVIN12-8722013-10-07 2013-10-15 ADA,ADEA,Bivens action,ERISA,Equal Protection Clause,Section 1983,Title VII,age discrimination,immunity from suit,qualified immunity,retaliation,sovereign immunity
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